• One last event: A community zoom seminar on the Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan in advance of the referendum. Tuesday the 27th of April at 7.30 pm, log in details:

Join the Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 846 5635 6598
Passcode: 792607

    • Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan Sub-committee would like to thank everyone in the Parish who attended one of our events, listened to us talk, filled in little questionnaires and big questionnaires, kept an eye on our Facebook page and generally supported us through this process. Your answers and ideas have driven the direction of the policies of the Neighbourhood Plan.
    • Consultation is a statutory part of the Neighbourhood Planning process and as such we submitted along with the regulation 15 draft Plan a ‘Consultation Statement’ prepared in conjunction with DAC Planning which sets out in detail the consultation process.
    • In brief, these were the key events that the Sub-committee organised. Regular updates were also given to public Parish Council meetings and on occasion, some of you even turned up to our monthly meetings! Thank you.
      • April 2015 Leaflet drop by Coggeshall Parish Council
      • April 2015 Public meeting
      • December 2015 Business survey
      • June 2016 Queen’s birthday celebrations
      • November 2016 Roadshow event
      • 2016 Roadshow event
      • 2016 Roadshow event
      • April 2017 Community questionnaire
      • June 2017 Community Festival June 2018 Community Festival
      • January 2019 Regulation 14 consultation
      • 2020 Regulation 15 consultation
      • 2020 Regulation 16:  Examination by the planning inspector
      • April 2021 Community Zoom seminar on the Neighbourhood Plan.
      • May 2021 Referendum
  • We have one last ask, when it happens – please cast your vote at the referendum!