We have asked you in the survey to consider 5 projects which we can include in the plan as ‘aspirational projects’ should funds become available. To help you the ‘projects’ are listed below with a short explanation.

A: Making a cycleway between Coggeshall and Kelvedon Station.

The road between Coggeshall and Kelvedon is winding and busy. It is dangerous for cyclists and horse riders. We could make an off road cycle way linking Coggeshall to Kelvedon to give commuters a safe route to the station and encourage more of us to cycle for fun. This would also help to make a cleaner, healthier and happier Coggeshall.

B: Building a bridge or a tunnel to cross the A120 uniting Coggeshall village centre with the rest of the parish.

As time passes the A120 becomes busier. Proposed development means traffic will only increase. Currently we only have one tunnel at the end of Tilkey road and lots of footpaths that cross the A120 including the Essex Way.  Walkers, cyclists, horse riders and wildlife would all benefit from more safe crossings to enable us to get from one side of the parish to the other whether for recreational purposes or so that animals can cross to find new homes or food.

C:  Making a public, community open space in the centre of the village.

This is about re designing the area around Market Hill to make it more attractive with more places to meet and sit and chat, so we can attract more people into the town centre. We could have a central meeting area with tourist information including the history of Coggeshall. A one way system for traffic could be introduced to create more parking for visitors and residents, and, by giving pedestrians priority over cars we can help to make the centre safer too.

D: Creating a riverside walk along the Blackwater.

The Blackwater is one of our loveliest natural assets. With permission from landowners we could plan a new public footpath along its bank; a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the river.

E: Buying Vicarage Field to increase the amount of green space available to the public.

Vicarage Field is privately owned but was once a formal public recreational space. Now it is harvested for hay, but used regularly by walkers using the public footpaths. We could apply for it to become an ‘asset for community value’. This would mean that if  the land did come up for sale the community would be given the first chance to buy it and turn it into a public open space. We would have a much needed new green open space for the west of the village.’