• The community communicated their ideas for public projects and facilities to benefit the Parish at initial consultation events.  The initial 5 ‘Big ideas’ were developed by the CNP Sub-Committee and at the Community Consultation roadshow event in November 2016.  They were:
      • A: Making a cycleway between Coggeshall and Kelvedon Station.
      • B: Building a bridge or a tunnel to cross the A120 uniting Coggeshall village centre with the rest of the Parish.
      • C:  Making a public, community open space in the centre of the village.
      • D: Creating a riverside walk along the Blackwater.
      • E: Buying Vicarage Field to increase the amount of green space available to the public.
    • The 2019 Regulation 14 Plan set out the ‘Big Ideas’ as ‘Community Aspirational Projects’. Post Regulation 14 discussions between Braintree District Council and the Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan Sub-Committee revealed that some of the Aspirational Policies might be suitable for consideration as part of the Plan’s Infrastructure Policy. These along with additional infrastructure policy ideas identified in conjunction with Coggeshall PC and suggestions from the community are described and assessed in detail in the Appendix of Volume 2 of the Neighbourhood Plan.Set out below are the projects that were determined to be ‘Action Plan Projects’. It is the hope of the CNP Sub-Committee and Coggeshall Parish Council that their assessment and inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan will help advance these projects and secure funds for them in the future. To date a community group has been set up to progress items 1 & 10, the developers of the Dutch Nursery site have included a footpath that could form part of a future riverside walk and the Parish council have investigated item 4. Members of the community are welcome and encouraged to help progress these projects which they suggested.

      The Action Projects are within policy no 17: Infrastructure and Developer Contributions

      An in-depth description of each project and evidence for its inclusion and advancement can be found in a table in Volume 2 of the Plan, The Appendix under: Infrastructure and Developer Contributions.

    • Action Plan Projects:
      1. Coggeshall to Kelvedon Cycleway.
      2. A new Bowling Green / Croquet Lawn with club pavilion on Stoneham Street.
      3. Upgrade of the existing basketball court in the Recreation Ground, East Street.
      4. Installation of outdoor, adult gym equipment in the Recreation Ground, East Street.
      5. Village Centre Improvements.
      6. A new riverside walk from Long Bridge to Nunn’s Bridge
      7. Vicarage Field public open space (a recreational community resource and a viable wildlife corridor).
      8. Enabling cyclist, pedestrian and wildlife safe access and connectivity across the A120
      9. A new footpath connection between St Anne’s Close and across the southern section of St Peter’s School Field to connect with the recreation ground
      10. Coggeshall to Earls Colne Cycleway via Marks Hall Estate.