CPC Neighbourhood Plan Sub-Committee

The Neighbourhood Plan Committee is a sub-committee of Coggeshall Parish Council. The Sub-committee must report back to the Parish Council and obey by its rules. Correspondence is routed through the Parish Council and the Parish Councillors must approve key decisions and draft plans.

The subcommittee is comprised of topic groups who gather evidence and prepare the policies for their policy area. The Sub-committee is responsible for organising the project and ensuring that deadlines are met.


We will be considering all aspects of housing including type, distribution and need. Initially this will involve a survey of what exists at present followed by consultation on current deficiencies and future needs.

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We have a strong business community and identifiable village centre.  Our task is to ensure that Coggeshall is a place where businesses, essential services and employment can continue to thrive and grow.

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Heritage and Environment

Our work involves protecting and improving the built and ‘green’ environment.  Areas of interest include the conservation area, our listed buildings, enhancement of our existing built envelope, public open spaces and Coggeshall’s countryside.

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Infrastructure and Facilities

This group has a wide remit which encompasses all community facilities.

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Steering Group Minutes

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The Committee

Chair: Peter Kohn;  

Vice Chair: Tom Walsh / Alex Stevenson; 

Finance: Tracey Thomson;

Secretary: Megan Jones   

Community Consultation: Jo Brindley

Other committee members are listed under their topic group.

The website and Facebook page are managed by Anna Appleton Claydon, Tracey Thomson & Alex Stevenson