Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan Summer 2019 Update

This has been a busy year for the group – we are pressing ahead trying to progress the plan as fast as we can allowing for the many and various rules and regulations, planning applications and the slow wheels of external influences.

To date we have:

  • Reviewed the community’s responses to the Regulation 14 questionnaire. Thank you very much to everyone who responded! Changes that arise from these will be incorporated into the Regulation 15 Plan.
  • Reviewed stakeholder responses to the Regulation 14 questionnaire. Thank you very much to all respondents too. Changes arising from these will be incorporated into the Regulation 15 Plan.
  • The stakeholder responses are now with our planner for review.
  • We have had several meetings with Braintree District Council to discuss the Plan and clarify their comments in response to Reg 14. The Plan must comply with BDC’s Local Plan.
  • Drawn up a great long list of additional changes to the Plan, which includes reviewing against the National Planning Policy Framework Guidance as it changed again during the Reg 14 consultation period….
  • We have commissioned a Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA) and Sustainability Environmental Assessment (SEA) and met with consultants. These are both necessary in order to allocate sites for development in the Plan. Ordinarily, the local authority, BDC, would do this but given their Plan is not yet finished, the Neighbourhood Plan group has organised and paid for the surveys via Coggeshall Parish Council. These are underway and the results may change the Plan.
  • Landuse Consultants were commissioned by BDC, Tendring and Colchester councils to look at garden communities. We responded to the scoping opinion on this assessment with the Monkswood Garden Community (north of the A120, 80% of which is in Coggeshall Parish), and the ‘Non garden community’, which proposed infill of all the land from West Street up and around to the east of Coggeshall (including the Bovis site) all firmly at the forefront of our minds.
  • The developers of the Dutch Nursery Site have now applied for full planning permission. The NP group put forward their comments on the design detail to CPC, which were submitted by the CPC to Braintree District Council. We await the outcome of this decision from Braintree.
  • Bovis, who has outline planning permission for the land at Colchester Road, undertook a public consultation exercise and consulted the PC and CNP subcommittee. We have put forward our views on the site to try and improve the design, facilities, infrastructure and green credentials of this development. We hope to continue to engage with Bovis to try and turn this development into a ‘positive’ for the existing and new communities now that it has been granted planning permission.
  • We are reviewing our infrastructure policy in accordance with advice from BDC and our planner to help retain the money from the Section 106 agreements with the developers on the Dutch Nursery and Colchester Rd sites. We want this money to stay in Coggeshall, so it must, therefore, be put towards formal sports facilities that are not in private hands. Currently, we are looking at a few options, which topped the list following community consultation and an assessment process which examined viability. These include improving the existing basketball court on the recreation ground and adding in a netball court, installing a bowling green on the land opposite the children’s play area next to the Coggeshall Surgery and adding new outdoor gym equipment on the recreation ground. It is noticeable that there is a lack of formal sporting facilities for women as well as our older population so we hope that these facilities might help address this.

Next, we just need to incorporate all of this in the Regulation 15 document….!

All residents’ views are very welcome and you are always welcome to attend a CNP meeting to listen and give us your thoughts.

Looking forward to completing the Plan!

The Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan Subcommittee

Coggeshall Community Festival – 2018


Join us at the Coggeshall Community festival on the 9th of June to read our draft policies for the Neighbourhood Plan. We will be there to answer you questions and listen to your feedback.

Coggeshall Community Festival – 2017

Coggeshall Community festival

Coggeshall Community Festival

The Neighbourhood Plan will be at the Community Festival on the 10th of June. We have a lot to share with you!

* The preliminary results of the Parish Wide Survey
* An update of what we have achieved.
* We will have our ‘Aspirational Projects’ on display for your comments
* We will be handing out business surveys to those of you we don’t know about, (especially those who work from home) or are new to the Parish. Please come and find us.

* Finally we would like your comments on Double Day Corner and ‘Green Buffers’ to the proposed West Tey new town.

The Integrated waste Management Plan (IWMP) / The Incinerator

The Environment Agency held a drop-in session on Friday the 31st of March 2pm to 7pm to discuss the latest Environmental Planning application from Gent Fairhead. This was at Christ Church on Stoneham Street, CO6 1UH. Planners from Essex County Council were also be there.

Comments were sent to Permitting and Support Centre, Land Team, Quadrant 2, 99 Parkway Ave, Sheffield S9 4WF

The application can be viewed at the EA office at the Threshelfords Business park, Inworth Rd, Kelvedon CO5 9SE and libraries in Coggeshall and Kelvedon and on

The consultation closed on the 13th of April 2017

The Dutch Nursery Site

The planning application for the Dutch Nursery site has been submitted to Braintree Council. The application can be viewed online on the Braintree Planning Portal (link below) – application number 17/00359/OUT

Land North of West Street  – ‘The Pigeon development’

This planning application has now gone to appeal. The appeal will be determined at a Public Inquiry which will take place on the 9th of May 2017  at Town Hall Centre, Fairfield Road, Braintree, CM7 3YG commencing at 10am.

Residents are invited to speak but have to be at the enquiry before it opens.

The Council and the Appellant statements can be viewed at  together with other documents. Type in the application number 15/01271/OUT

The appeal decision will be published on BDC website at

PAIN – Parishes Against the INcinerator

Residents who are concerned about the impact on Coggeshall by the proposed Waste Management Plan & proposed incinerator and on the former Rivenhall Airfield just south of the Coggeshall Parish Boundary, were invited to submit comments on the proposals. The deadline was the 16th of February. For more information on see PAIN’S Facebook page


The options to re-route the A120 have been reduced to 5 – All options will effect Coggeshall.

The consultation closed on the 14th of March 2017

There will be a consultation event on the proposed routes in Coggeshall on Saturday 25th February 11am – 5pm Coggeshall Village Hall, Stoneham Street, Coggeshall CO6 1UH

The Public-Consultation-Document-landscape-master_170120_web has a consultation questionnaire at the end.

Coggeshall / Bradwell / Pattiswick New Town

A proposal, ‘Monks Wood Garden Village’, for 5000 new homes has been submitted to Braintree District Council. The majority of the site lies within Coggeshall’s Parish Boundary. The Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan group are keen to understand the community’s views on this development. Please contact us via our contact page and head your email Coggeshall / Bradwell / Pattiswick New Town.

The PDF of the Monks Wood Garden Village prospectus is set out below, together with a map of the Coggeshall Parish Boundary and the location of the Monks Wood development proposal. Coggeshall is at the bottom right of this image.

coggeshall-pattiswick-new-town-prospectus coggeshall-parish