Referendum result: YES

The Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan was approved at a referendum which took place on the 6th of May 2021. 90% voted in favour of the Plan.

The CNP subcommittee are delighted and would like to thank everyone one who worked on the Plan over the 6 years of its development. Coggeshall Parish Council who have been supportive throughout along with Braintree District Council Planning Officers who assisted the group and advised them where appropriate. Also Jan Stobart of the Rural Community Council of Essex and David Coleman of DAC Planning Ltd. Finally the Landscape Partnership who helped develop the Coggeshall Village Design Guide. We could not have done it with the support of the public too, who came to our meetings, filled in our questionnaire and supported our efforts. Thank you very much.

The Neighbourhood Plan is your plan, it reflects your views, needs, wants and your knowledge of the Parish you live in. It is a testament of what we need locally and this is what sets a Neighbourhood Plan apart from other regional and national planning laws. This is what makes it important so we can foster positive, not destructive development in the Parish.

Peter Kohn, Chair of the CNP subcommittee said “The result was brilliant, we are delighted. At times we all wondered what we had got ourselves into, but to have completed the process is a huge achievement and we hope that it will have a really positive impact on this Parish. We encourage the public to use it. For now, however, after a very long time we are looking forward to raising a glass to celebrate.”

Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan March 2021 update

Braintree District Council have completed the amendments to the CNP and the Plan and all associated documentation is available on the BDC website to view prior to the referendum scheduled for 6th May 2021.

You will have received a Voting Information letter about the Coggeshall Neighbourhood Plan in the post. This contains your voter number so you might want to take it with you when you vote in the Local Elections on Thursday 6th May. You will then be able vote for the Neighbourhood Plan.

This is your chance to ensure that the Plan becomes part of Braintree District Council’s Local Plan and that developers have to take into account the policies that Coggeshall residents have decided they want for the Village.

This is your Plan – so please vote for it.